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Join the Retail Media network and launch sponsored offers in your online shop

Free and easy integration

You only pay
for the effects

We attract advertisers

Dedicated advertising platform for every e-commerce, shop or marketplace.

An effective advertising tool, tailored to the needs of your customers.

Sponsored offers

Monetise your top advertising locations. Attract the buyer at the best stage of the sales funnel with the most effective sponsored offer.

Graphic advertising

Seize the opportunity and offer graphic advertising to brands. It will create your image as a trusted retailer and give the brand greater recognition.

Native advertising

With a dedicated advertising platform, you will enable brands to position their products in the search engine as well as on the category and product pages.

4 simple steps to embedding adverts in your shop

It couldn’t be easier!

Create the account

Create a free account and start monetising your space thanks to ads.

Add product feed

Add product feed

Add product feed in one of the universal formats, e.g. Ceneo or Google Shopping.

Define insertion points

Define insertion points

Define insertion points and embed automatically generated tags or activate the “advertise” option in the partner shopping platform.

Monitor results

Monitor results

Monitor the advertising revenue data generated by your shop in real time

Why use adshero?

New revenue source

You unlock a new source of revenue that does not negatively affect your core business, i.e. sales – the traffic remains in your shop.

No Risk

You only pay for the effects, for handling advertising campaigns commissioned by Brands – super easy to implement.


Full advertising revenue data generated on your shop pages.

Sales support

Acquiring and handling budgets from brands via the AdsHero sales team.

Case study

New revenue source

“Launching sponsored offers on websites was a very good decision. Thanks to our cooperation with adshero and their native ads, we have the opportunity to generate additional revenue from our space. 

A modern Retail Media solution allows for making the space for our partners with whom we establish additional relationships”.

Justyna Banaś – Project Manager


Check out the most common questions or write to us.

Do I have to pay for the access to the system?

It costs nothing to enter the network. Thanks to our system you can earn extra, monetising your shop space. You will share the profit with us when you start making money.

How do I register?

Make an appointment for a free presentation of the system. Our team will answer all your questions.

Do you provide integration support?

Sure. Our system can be integrated very easily, but if you have problems with it, we will be happy to help!

How do I access the panel?

Once you have registered and activated your account, we will give you access to a panel where you can add your shop.

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